The Wild Picnic Company Story

our search for the perfect wedding picnic

When we decided to get married, we knew exactly what kind of wedding we wanted; We wanted to be stress free, we wanted it to be informal, our guests to feel relaxed and we didn’t want to spend a fortune. This also applied to our wedding food; we wanted good quality, locally sourced food at a reasonable price! After speaking to lots of catering companies we decided that we just couldn’t afford the kind of prices they were quoting as we were feeding 100 adults and 23 kids, so we started looking at other options….

As we live in Somerset with some fabulous food suppliers right on our doorstep we started thinking about how we could do our own DIY wedding food. It seemed a natural choice to choose a ploughman’s style lunch so we could take advantage of all the great local produce in our local area. This meant we saved a fortune and we able to showcase local Somerset food, we didn’t need to hire a field kitchen. Also by choosing to serve it in a picnic hamper on each table, people were able to serve themselves so we didn’t need waiting staff.

our wedding story

We had so many compliments on our wedding food and people asking who our wedding caterers were, we realised there was a demand for good quality, ethically sourced wedding food that wouldn’t break the bank.

We’ve been to many weddings over the years and tried all sorts of wedding food; from formal, three course silver service; to buffets, BBQs and everything in between. It can be difficult and expensive to cater good quality hot food for the masses and you often end up compromising on quality, quantity or choice; waiting a long time between courses or in queues; cold food that should be hot or warm food that should be cold. With Wild Picnic’s deli-style picnic food and sharing menus, you can serve the best quality wedding food that wont cost the earth!

wild picnic wedding benefits

Our wedding picnics take out the stress and the formality that often comes with served wedding food. Guests can open the picnic hampers and share out the food together. It’s a great ice breaker and means conversation is always flowing, people can choose the food and the quantity they want and nobody ever goes hungry.

  • Much cheaper than traditonal wedding caterers

  • Responsibly sourced from small suppliers

  • Less serving staff required

  • Informal food = More relaxed guests
  • Communal food helps guests get to know each other
  • Low food miles – all suppliers within 10 miles

  • No cooking so no need for kitchen hire or field kitchen